Revitasize Cold Pressed Juice

Revitasize needed a new website created to showcase their storefronts while also offering online shopping with highly custom shipping / delivery rules. They needed to break out of the technology and provider they were currently with as it was stalling their business progress in the Toronto market. The website had to look and act modern on all devices and offer a simple and slick customer experience in an effort to drive more sales conversions.

Blend360 provided a customized mobile-responsive Shopify e-commerce site, with a solutions design put in place to meet their custom business needs. Blend360 provided copywriting, video and photography services in order to develop content for the new website.

Revitasize is now able to make any changes needed to their website and shopping pages including offers, pricing and social media integrations while completely automating their delivery restrictions.  Their online sales have more than doubled as a result of the better customer experience.

Client: Revitasize
Skills: HTML, CSS, Liquid Code, Shopify
Services: Creative Design, Web Design and Development, eCommerce.

Spencer Barnes LA

Spencer Barnes is a celebrity makeup artist. Along with the company co-founder, Spencer identified a whitespace in the market. A device that could smooth out wrinkles on the neck. The product was created, it was time to go online and start selling. The company needed a slick and extremely friendly online presence with online shopping capabilities built in. The product skewing to an older demographic made website ease of use that much more imperative.

Blend360 created a completely customized, mobile-responsive theme for the Shopify Plus platform. High end video production and photography was provided to really sell the product to a visual-first audience. The marketing communications strategy was put in place on the website to showcase Spencer Barnes as the celebrity makeup artist to establish credibility and then lead the customer on a journey to purchase the Neck Wand product.

The company launched with the website as its only sales channel, and the site performed better than the top 1% of e-commerce sites on the Shopify e-commerce platform! The design lent itself to a super-easy user experience and the site still enjoys conversion rates in double digit percentage figures today.

Client: Spencer Barnes LA
Skills: HTML, CSS, Liquid Code, Shopify Plus
Services: Creative Design, Web Design and Development, eCommerce.

i smell great – Web Commercial

Sophia Bush Web Commercial

i smell great was looking for a celebrity partner that fit in with the indie perfume brand’s target demographic. After selecting television and movie star Sophia Bush to be a partial owner and celebrity ambassador, a series of web commercials were created to introduce the brand to the millions of Sophia Bush fans. The objective was to put the products and their benefits in front of this huge audience that aligned perfectly with the i smell great customer profile.

The video received millions of views and through promotion on Sophia Bush’s social channels which resulted in huge sales volumes over the course of the video campaign period.

Client: i smell great
Skills: Videography, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects.
Services: Video Production, Social Media, Public Relations.

iCare About Cosmetics

iCare About Cosmetics Video and Blog

Consonant Skincare was raising awareness about harmful ingredients in beauty products. The main message they were attempting to get across was “What goes on your body goes in your body.”

A content marketing plan was executed which included a blog that focused on exposing harmful beauty products while championing healthier alternatives. This video kicked off the launch of the blog and was promoted on Youtube and Facebook.

Client: Consonant Skincare
Skills: Wordpress, Videography, Adobe Premiere, HTML/CSS
Services: Web Design and Development, Video Production, Content Marketing.

Kiss Away Poverty

Kiss Away Poverty Video and Microsite

Fusion Beauty connected with Seven Bar Foundation’s Kiss Away Poverty campaign to support their launch of their new Luxe Boudoir Collection. Each purchase from the new collection would help finance a woman out of poverty in the United States.

A microsite with this video was created to support the campaign. The video was promoted on Youtube, Facebook and through a blogger outreach program. The video received over 100,000 views and the campaign helped boost sales for Fusion Beauty, thereby raising funds for this great cause, while generating amazing awareness about women’s poverty in America.

Client: Fusion Beauty
Skills: PHP, WordPress, Videography, Adobe Premiere.
Services: Web Design, Video Production, Social Media, Public Relations.

Get Healthy Challenges

Get Healthy Challenges was looking for a new and engaging interactive section to their website. Blend360 ideation led to the idea to provide their users with an opportunity to take challenges aimed to help breed a more natural and organic lifestyle. Challenges included removing dangerous additives by learning proper label reading, going gluten-free, eating only non-GMO, an Omega-3 challenge and most recently, a Women’s Health challenge that helps women find healthier alternatives to beauty and hygiene products.

A website was created to enable users to join challenges, track their progress, keep photo journals and provide free samples as well as coupons.

The Challenges site brought in hundreds of thousands of visitors and registrants, and even led to new sponsorship opportunities for Naturally Savvy.

Client: Naturally Savvy
Skills: Wordpress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3
Services: Website Design and Development, Content Marketing.

Label Lessons

Label Lessons – Unjunk Your Kids Lunch Box

A back-to-school campaign was created for Naturally Savvy and its sponsors. An e-book entitled “Label Lessons – Unjunk Your Kids Lunch Box” was created and promoted for download through social media advertising as well as through a blogger outreach program. Those who downloaded the e-book were prompted to visit the Label Lessons microsite to obtain coupons for products mentioned in the e-book as well as be entered to win a $1,000 shopping spree.

The promotional strategy also focused on social sharing. Contestants received extra ballots for each e-book download they referred from the contest and coupon microsite.

Client: Naturally Savvy
Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn API Integration.
Services: Creative Design, Web Design and Development, Social Media.

Intel: Get In to Win

Intel: Get in to Win

Intel Canada needed to drastically improve the engagement on their Facebook page. A contest was created targeting content creators. Contestants were asked to submit a photo or a video with the back story about it and how they captured certain effects styles. All the submissions were open for public voting with the top 10 winners receiving prizes. This was put through a social sharing platform which dramatically increased reach and opt-ins.

The program was promoted through Facebook advertising and blogger outreach. Intel dramatically increased their Facebook Like base, email opt-ins, and the contest brought engagement to record levels.

Client: Intel Canada
Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, Facebook OG
Services: Social Media Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Website Design and Development.

i walk i bike Campaign

iWalk iBike Campaign – City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa needed an interactive app that would help encourage Ottawa residents to take “active transport” in their daily routines. Ottawa is filled with great bike and walking paths, so this campaign was to re-enforce that while drawing attention the great benefits of leaving the car at home.

A microsite and mobile app was developed which gamified the idea of active transport. Users were asked to track each time they walked or  biked to work using an interactive map. Algorithms were written to provide them with real-time caloric burns, fuel cost savings and carbon footprint reduction. Users can see their own results as well as the aggregate results for the City of Ottawa.

Client: City of Ottawa
Skills: PHP, HTML5, CSS3
Services: Marketing Strategy, Web Design and Development, Mobile App Development (iOS, Android).