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In-Feed Mobile Ads Build Brand Awareness, Purchase Intent


Performance Metrics for Mobile Native Video Ads Among US Mobile Users, June 2015

Mobile video is a fast-growing ad format, and many brands are rushing specifically to create video ads for native mobile environments like Facebook or Instagram feeds. Research suggests that viewing such ads improves a variety of metrics, from recall to purchase internet.

In a study conducted by Opera Mediaworks and comScore, a group of US mobile users was shown a mobile native video ad—the kind of ad created specifically for a mobile feed environment.

Advertisers hope to develop creative that’s a “thumbstopper,” convincing people to stop scrolling long enough to let the sound and motion begin. After viewing such an ad, the mobile users took a survey about the relevant brand or product. When compared to a control group that hadn’t seen the ad, the mobile users who watched a mobile native video ad were 5 percentage points more likely to want to buy the product.

The ads produced a 4-point boost in favorability, a 7-point increase in likelihood to recommend, and a 6-point increase in mobile ad recall. Video ads on Facebook have proved popular with marketers, and not only on mobile. eMarketer estimates that US advertisers will spend $2.78 billion this year on mobile video ads on all platforms. US spending on mobile video ads will more than double by 2019.

2 thoughts on “In-Feed Mobile Ads Build Brand Awareness, Purchase Intent”

  1. I think our thumbs have quick triggers when scrolling through our newsfeeds. Is it possible that the data is skewed as a result of this?

  2. Not really. As the last paragraph points out, we are talking about a lot more than just ad clicks. It was a survery conducted by Opera Mediaworks and comScore Inc.

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