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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on Instagram

With over 700 million users, Instagram is one of the most influential social networks. That, in and of itself, is reason enough to strongly consider advertising your brand, products, services or your app on this fast growing channel. Here are five unique offerings that make Instagram a must for most online advertisers.

1. Easy Path to Desired Action

Since more and more of your visitors are on a mobile device, Instagram being a mobile-only app means pretty much instant connectivity to your landing page. With strong calls to action offered and placed right with your advertised post (such as shop now, learn more, install etc..) it makes for a singular path from the Instagram feed to the final destination all on the smartphone. If you are advertising an app, you can link your ad right to your listing on the App Store or Google Play, so your prospective app users have an easy path to installing.

2. Creative Flexibility

Static images are a great option, but you can also use multiple images or even video. Video presents an opportunity to put the user benefits of your product on display in an engaging and compelling way.

3. Ads Occupy the Entire Mobile Screen

Unlike other social network advertising platforms, Instagram ads fit perfectly into the feed and take up the full mobile device screen, just like all the other content. It’s pretty much guaranteed that your users will see your ad.

4. Hyper Targeting and Segmentation

Instagram ads are managed in the Facebook ad manager, which means you get all the same hyper targeting opportunities. You can target by age, geo-location, gender, interest, behaviour and you can tap into look-alike audiences too. Facebook’s Instagram ad editor ensures your ads will be seen by an audience that is representative of your most valuable users!

5. A/B Testing

Facebooks Instagram ad editor lets you create tests right in the platform. Regularly testing your ad creative brings ad optimization right into your ad strategy, and helps ensure you’re getting as much ROI as possible out of your ads.

Once you have put in the work creating and testing your ads on Instagram, you can easily try them out on Facebook since it uses the shared editor.

One thing to keep in mind when advertising on Instagram is that just like Facebook, there are optimization points to consider in driving down your cost-per-click and maximizing your conversions. That’s where the help from a professional to manage your ad campaigns can help you maximize your return on investment.

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