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Facebook Announces Major Change to Newsfeed Algorithm

Another major change is on its way to the newsfeeds of Facebook’s 2 billion users. And once again, brands are going to feel the brunt of it. In fact, Facebook has gone right out and said that posts, photos and videos from family and friends will be prioritized over branded content.

Facebook’s expressed intention is to provide for more ‘meaningful interaction’ on the social network. But the move is sure to create a lot of anxiety with the many businesses that rely on Facebook as a platform to engage with their customers. It also will further enforce the need for brands to ‘pay-for-play’ on Facebook now and in the future. Facebook advertising of branded content will become even more important for brands wishing to reach their target audience.

The constant tightening of the Facebook newsfeed algorithm for branded content is sure to make some brands start to wonder if their acquired Facebook audience still has any value. It’s a valid concern. More to come…

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